Founded in 2016, Lucendi, Inc. is a leading innovator and developer of AI-enabled smart measurement platforms for cost-effective and high-performance micro-object detection and characterization. Lucendi technology portfolio and IP are based on computational microscopy and holographic imaging coupled with innovative image processing, big data and machine learning approaches. Lucendi’s core technologies are cost-effective, robust and field-portable, which make them adaptable to a wide variety of applications.

Lucendi’s goal is to democratize micro/nano-scale microscopy systems to empower users and to redefine the horizon of application possibilities.

Exciting career opportunities available!

Lucendi is currently expanding its development team and is seeking ambitious, talented and resourceful individuals to fill in several open positions at different levels within our dynamic team. Lucendi’s current hiring priorities are software development engineers experienced in any of the following areas:

- Software engineering, system/product integration
- User Interface development
- Back-end development and cloud computing
- Image processing and machine vision
- Scientific computing

Lucendi is an organically growing company offering employees opportunities for personal development and growth, as well as competitive compensation. If you are interested to apply or learn more about this opportunity, please send your CV/resume or questions to support@lucendi.org.